Holi festival 2017
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Free local calls in to the app on the Holi

Holi is coming with all their friends and relatives will be set to Holi celebration. Do not pass on your greetings to them on the phone and can give Holi festival 2017. Any festival telecom companies on the call rate increases. Some apps which are free to use, you can call and give greetings to your friends is Holi.


This is an app that can be called International. The app laptop computer and mobile can be used at all. It is made available for IOS and Android users.

Boss Revolution

With this app users can enjoy free chat. International calls will reduce the call rates. The app can use the Windows and Android Smartphone users.


Using these app users can group chat and video calls. The app has been made available to the users at more than 10,000 stickers. The app can also find information on the TV is connected to. These users will be given the option of shake.


The app can use the Android and IOS users. Free Voice and video calling feature in the app to share location is an option.


Users of this app can be used in many languages. Hindi, German, Arabic and English are provided.