Holi... Holi of happiness, colors Holi!

Let's once again a Holi celebration. And like every time once again fully in the celebration of the common man, the colors will paint me and all the bad memories of the past will be forgotten. Pathankot, whether it be attack or get killed on the border of our heroic Shido. Because of the common man's wounds heal quickly. The pain from his memories of blurry images grows quickly. Well Bonfire is a festival of victory of good over evil.

According to the old beliefs and Kthao Hiranyakashyap the day his nephew's sister Holi ka to kill Prahlad decided to sit on the bed with her stick. Prahlad, despite being a monster because of the total was a Hari Bhakta. Prahlad Holi ka sat on the burning fire did not touch a hair of Prahlad and Holi ka went completely burned. Since the decision to end the evil of Holi ka Dahan is taking.

In our society it is still rape, murders, dowry, and whose body Froshi Holi ka Dahan is necessary to comfort. Only then the happiness and excitement in society Holi ka Dahan color will appear. And a clean society Khus mi Holly will be played.

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